The Inter-Library Exchange Program


I am an avid book reader. I love to read books! Many times, however, I can't find the book that I want to read in a used bookstore. This happens to me a lot, especially when the book I want to read is an exceptionally rare book.

So what can be done? A lot, actually. While I was at the public library one day I found out something very interesting: if you want to read a book that the library doesn't have, the library can find it for you. It doesn't matter how rare the book is -- they can always find a copy of the book you want.

How does it work? Well, all you have to do is go down to your local library and tell the people at the counter that you want to read a book that they don't have. They, then, will give you a card to fill out with some information about the book -- what its title is, who wrote it, when it was written, and who published it.

Once you've filled out the card and given it back to the librarian, the library will start searching through all of the libraries in the country for a copy of that book. When they locate a copy, the book is mailed (sometimes clear across the country) to your local branch. As soon as they receive the book in the mail (which is usually within a few weeks), they'll call you up to notify you that your book has arrived and is ready for you to check it out.

It's that simple! I did this when I wanted to read Tom Swift and the Galaxy Ghosts, and it worked like a charm. I would heartily recommend this to anyone who wants to read a book they can't locate.

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