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For those of you who haven't heard of Ted Scott, I had better explain. Ted Scott is an aviator in a very old (1920's) aviation series put out by Grosset and Dunlap. The series was modeled after and dedicated to the great aviators of that time -- Charles Lindbergh, the Wright brothers, and others. In that series of books, Ted Scott accomplished all sorts of amazing feats "for the first time": a solo flight over the ocean to Paris, a flight from California to Hawaii, a flight around Cape Hope, and many other flights that there then very daring and dangerous.

What follows is a list of books in the Ted Scott series. Each title is a link; click on a link to go to a page about that book. Currently, all I have up are pictures of the books.


  1. Over the Ocean to Paris (1927)
  2. Rescued in the Clouds (1927)
  3. Over the Rockies with the Air Mail (1927)
  4. First Stop Honolulu (1927)
  5. The Search for the Lost Flyers (1928)
  6. South of the Rio Grande (1928)
  7. Across the Pacific (1928)
  8. The Lone Eagle of the Border (1929)
  9. Flying Against Time (1929)
  10. Over the Jungle Trails (1929)
  11. Lost at the South Pole (1930)
  12. Through the Air to Alaska (1930)
  13. Flying to the Rescue (1930)
  14. Danger Trails of the Sky (1931)
  15. Following the Sun Shadow (1932)
  16. Battling the Wind (1933)
  17. Brushing the Mountain Top (1934)
  18. Castaways of the Stratosphere (1935)
  19. Hunting the Sky Spies (1941)
  20. The Pursuit Patrol (1943)




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